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The pacing in this is masterful

This is fucking smooth. Goddamn the quality is 100%

I have to respect the amount of effort and time put into a collab this size. Well done to you all for completing it. I imagine just organizing it alone must've been a challenge.

I feel very mixed about the overall result and it is difficult to explain why. I love sleepycast and the humor but some of the animations here seem to miss the mark when acting out the characters. It becomes bland and rather a chore to sit though. Makes me wait for the next animator's scene to start.

A large number of animators means varying art styles. It is also evident that many animators are far more skilled than the others. I'd feel like an ass calling out some of the less experienced animators here but when their work is shown right after someone whose scene was animated better, it really pulls me out and makes it feel like some 2- star rating video. I honestly don't know how you could have fixed this and whether it is a big deal for you. Simply replacing animators for better ones should not be the way to go as I believe everybody deserves a chance. I can only review this based on single animators rather than everyone altogether.

Despite all that, most of it was very enjoyable. Again, I love the fact that you guys managed to animate an entire podcast episode. Lots of effort present.

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Its been a super fucking long time since I last played the first game. This brings back memories, definitely one of my favorites

At first I think to myself "pffft, no biggie, I'll just look at one of the screens that's not the falling color". But after one mistake, this game becomes extremely challenging. The universally simple game of tetris becomes a very interesting and difficult puzzle here. This is perfectly executed. Great job guys!

Very, very original game. Would play perfectly on a smartphone! I love how deep such simple gameplay can get you.

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some of the faster parts were kind of messy but this was really well done nonetheless.

my farts are starting to smell like propane

the description its self is charming

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Daaaaang boy. You're improving!

YAY YAY!!! hahaha *clapping loudly*

Spinalpalm responds:

*starts blushing*

i really like the colours! they mix really well with the dark shading.

More cartoons in the making!?

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