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Hehe sex and spongebob and chris are cool!

Super short, I can definitely see this was more of an experiment or test. Its drawn pretty cleanly though and the animation wasn't too bad. Can't wait for more though, you've got good potential and it'll be cool to see what you can do.

Welcome to Newgrounds as well :)

I like the style. You have a ton of potential, good job! The actions could have had a bit more thought put into them. The characters pretty much did what they literally said which isn't entertaining or funny as it could have been. Anyway, just a bit of feedback to think about. Looking forward to what else you can do :)

OctoNG responds:

Thank you for the criticism, I'll work on making future cartoons funnier. :)

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I was surprised by how many tricks you were able to pull off with such a simple concept (yes the level 21/ 24 thing got me good). I'll definitely be looking forward to another game like this if it were to be made.

Incredibly fun. You did a really good job with making the most out of simple gameplay mechanics.

Wow what a creative concept. This was executed extremely well. I don't know any other games like this with better writing and art direction.

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some of the faster parts were kind of messy but this was really well done nonetheless.

my farts are starting to smell like propane

the description its self is charming

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love the style

nogene responds:

Thanks so much. It kinda worked in my head so thought id give it a try

Wow, amazing work my dude. The crazy amount of detail in the setting and atmospheric lighting really capture the feeling you're going for. Kudos to keeping the perspective of all the book stacks correct and consistent. Looking forward to more work :)

Awesome design and style. I'm loving how you managed to capture her mood so well. Only complaint is that this seems a bit under developed. A simple background and some more variations of shading would have made this more interesting. Good work nevertheless.


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