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Good Luck with NATA everyone!

Posted by sweetcommando - July 15th, 2015

This was my first year that I've submitted any video for a tournament on Newgrounds. In short, I was very surprised to see how many people liked my video and I've appreciated every review, whether it be negative or positive. The fact that I got the highest NG score in the open round and got 6th place from the judges really overwhelmed me. It gave me plenty of motivation to continue making a video for the next round but unfortunately, I just didn't have the time that I thought I did. I don't wanna go around making a list of excuses but I'll just say that a lot of unexpected things popped up which I had to prioritise. Lets just leave it at that- I didn't have the time. 

As for the video I was making, I have had everything written and planned out. It was just barely over a minute in length since I knew that a lot of animation was going to be in it. I didn't aim to make it funny or emotional, just straight up bad ass with lots of sky- mech fights and all that. Cliche? Maybe, but I don't see a lot of it on Newgrounds. The theme of "How I Survived" really opened an opportunity for some really cool ideas and was pretty hard to settle with one. Anyway, sadly it was not completed and there's no way I'm going to submit it in the stage it is currently in. Maybe someday I'll change a few bits around and upload it in no relation to NATA.

Even though it's a bummer that I wasn't able to submit anything despite a good start in the open round, I'd like to say good luck to everyone who got in. It really does take determination and passion to make quality videos in such a short time span and I really respect that. 


Also checkout WILD FUR by HowardWimshurst. Its one of the most beautifully animated NATA videos I have seen. That guy is hella talented. 

Comments (5)

Thats a real bummer you won't be finishing the round man- I really loved your first entry I thought that was one of the best actually :)
I do hope you do get around to doing the big mech fight though, that sounds promising!

Yeah, I think it has some potential. I really wanna get it done regardless if it's for nata or not.

Ahhh damn, sorry to hear man. I'd actually pegged you as one of the potential winners haha. Always next year though! Personally I'm hoping I get out so I can go back to working on other stuff lol

I know what ya mean, in a way I feel like I am free but I still gotta deal with all this other stuff going on. Anyway, I'll definitely dedicate more time next year.

Dang man, i'm bummed. I'll be looking out for your new stuff though in the future!

Bummer, you had such a strong start! You should definitely try to finish it later when you have time, would be cool to see it.

I was expecting the biggest ass kicking from you after that first round haha. Really want to see what you continue on in the future regardless of Nata though :3