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Posted by sweetcommando - July 21st, 2012

ok so i just saw the dark knight rises and it was amazing, more amazing than the amazing spiderman.
since all these super hero movies are just exploding from the film industry i just thought i would share my thoughts on them.
my top 3 super hero films of mid 2012 so far are:

3. the amazing spiderman
2. the avengers
1. the dark knight rises

and yes, i am making this post just because i saw the dark knight rises. i thought Nolan would mess up on a 3rd sequel but he just made it better. well, not better than the dark knight but better than batman begins. i actually didn't like batman begin but the dark knight was bloody awesome.

also if you are going to watch the dark knight rises, don't expect prolonged action scenes or even a tiny bit or humour. a smart plot and emotional and powerful scenes about back stories is all that is needed to make the movie great. i'm not gonna lie, the movie was very emotional. bane wasn't only physically powerful but his words were the most powerful (and moving) thing in the entire movie.

i could go on about this but i am afraid to make heaps of spelling errors.

in other news, i haven't done anything about my flash movies. i don't think that anyone is waiting for me to upload anything and that makes my inspiration die.


Posted by sweetcommando - June 15th, 2012

err... my internet is being cut down so chances are i wont be on newgrounds for some time. not that anyone actually cares...

Posted by sweetcommando - May 6th, 2012

i'll try and make quality movies more often but right now i can't be stuffed.

Posted by sweetcommando - March 27th, 2012

edd gould has passed away. i loved his animations and him (no homo). i barely knew him in real life but i am nearly shedding manly tears. he will be missed by many. R.I.P edd gould 1988- 2012.

By the way, whats wrong with his site? i tried going on but it says that it has malicious content.

i made a little something to pay my respects to edd

Posted by sweetcommando - December 31st, 2011

have a good one!

Posted by sweetcommando - December 26th, 2011

well i dont really have anything to say except merry xmas. have fun yall!

Posted by sweetcommando - October 28th, 2011

Hey guys. I don't think many people know me but that's OK. I was going to make a flash for Halloween but I clearly wont finish it in time so I'll stop rushing it and take my time. hopefully I'll post it next year on Halloween.


Posted by sweetcommando - July 29th, 2011

i made an account with the same username but for some reason it got deleted. i had over 20000 medal points and a good flash upload but my bitch idiot sister deleted it. so i made it again and lost everything