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I was surprised by how many tricks you were able to pull off with such a simple concept (yes the level 21/ 24 thing got me good). I'll definitely be looking forward to another game like this if it were to be made.

Incredibly fun. You did a really good job with making the most out of simple gameplay mechanics.

Wow what a creative concept. This was executed extremely well. I don't know any other games like this with better writing and art direction.

great animations, feels good to play but some non combat parts are frustrating. Also the coins go right through the ground when you destroy the first boss. UI could use a lot of work

olivecrow responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Could you tell me in detail about what I lacked in my game? If you do, I will actively reflect on the game! It would be really helpful for developing my game!

Extremely impressive presentation and gameplay. However its full of technical problems, some that are game breaking. In a 6 player game, the performance drops drastically, possibly due to the AI players having access to explosive weapons. On top of that, the GLM (which is a very useful weapon in theory) becomes a pain to play with as it causes lots of lag. I've turned off most of the graphical settings but it just seems that Flash Player just isn't suitable for this amount of things to be happening at once.

I found the running to be unintuitive, would have been much better to hold SHIFT rather than toggling. Also in mission mode, losing an elimination game gives you the bonus xp anyway.

Its been a super fucking long time since I last played the first game. This brings back memories, definitely one of my favorites

At first I think to myself "pffft, no biggie, I'll just look at one of the screens that's not the falling color". But after one mistake, this game becomes extremely challenging. The universally simple game of tetris becomes a very interesting and difficult puzzle here. This is perfectly executed. Great job guys!

Very, very original game. Would play perfectly on a smartphone! I love how deep such simple gameplay can get you.

oh... its real

A very unique idea. I understand this is just an experiment but I wonder if after all these years somebody has managed to implement this into a full game. Even as a bare bones test, it is surprisingly functional and fun. However, the whole "boxes fall in tune with the music" thing does not work all the time. I feel this might be because of the 36 box limit, thus breaking the beat and getting the engine confused. I dunno. What you have here is good overall.


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